try sending a message in a verified network


they created a face copy of my account and then disabled my main one

i tried to inform my audiance in my stories and this made them do this

now i work in a similar but not haveing that ID so noone can find me more

stories made by my following was watermarked by this account and then showed to me

without the original creator being informed about it and no one could do anything

they still show me ads

also some account which sent annoying photos describing the situation were blocked from interacting with me

but still all the boys are here

recently i got access to tiktok and now i’m free

@boymoderworld >> boyfanworld!!

so.. www.boymodelworld.com

i don’t even receive a message . someone sent an email and we got but then the conversation ended. also i have many blocked people in my insta list. i can’t communicate how to do

the travel ends soon we got to sure we have to fun but nobody end the conversation which bad is now and this is why we should go to end the meeting we have to do next